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Can't deny

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Against Clenbuterol

China network television broadcasts address on line it is recommended to use the IE http://news.cntv.cn/law/20110508/103147.shtml browser view ) , relationresultHost.relationresultIn March 15th,our program production and broadcasting of the 315and special operations pig the truth ,some of the Henan local use of clenbuterol in pig feeding regimen ,and these clenbuterol pig sold to the Nanjing market as well as near a large pork products manufacturers are reported .
After the broadcast caused the wide attention of social all circles ,thereafter ,office of the State Council issued the food safety work focused on the notice ,to use illicit drugs such as Clenbuterol acts as a severe blow to the food safety violations; the State Council Office of food security ,the Ministry of public security ,the Ministry of agriculture ,Ministry of Commerce and other relevant departments jointly in the nationwide one-year Clenbuterol special rectification action .
Recently ,the public security department under the unified arrangements, Hunan police uncovered a large manufacturing and selling Clenbuterol case ,the entire case involving up to about 30000000 yuan ,relates to 16 provinces and cities nationwide .
Pay attention to the big cases, we have to Hunan province from 2010 to the livestock sector a routine testing .relationresult relationresult2010June,Hunan province Longhui County Animal Husbandry Department on a pig pig farmers trafficking routine detection of the time ,the discovery of abnormal .
relationresult relationresultAfter detectingthe pig tested positive for clenbuterol ractopamine ,local animal husbandry department immediately on the pig raising households used feed was also detected ,results ,12 sampletest results are positive ,ractopamine clenbuterol in feed of 401mg/kg content .
Longhui County immediately on pigs feed and edible the feed of 359 pigs were seized ,and pollution-free destroyed .relationresult Hunan province Shaoyang City Public Security Bureau Director Li Xiaokui this added ractopamine this additive ,human consumption ,will be nausea ,diarrhea ,especially for heart disease patients to eat the pork after, also facing a life-threatening .
relationresult relationresultAs early as 2002,the Ministry of agriculture ,Ministry of health ,the State Food and Drug Administration issued the announcement, banned in feed and animal drinking water adding clenbuterol and ractopamine and clenbuterol in 7 .
On 2008, the Supreme People ,the Ministry of public security regulations for new filing and prosecution of criminal cases ,the use of Clenbuterol pig breeding ,slaughter ,and sales of such pork ,will be production, sales of toxic ,harmful food crime criminal responsibility .
relationresultAfter the discovery of thelocal farmers use containing ractopamine feed feed pig situation after ,Hunan police immediately set up a task force ,Louboutin Pas Cher,and soon captured in Longhui county and Shaoyang City Sales added ractopamine four feed distributors .
relationresult Hunan province Longhui County Public Security Bureau police battalion captain Zhou Jinqi of the four criminal detention ,through the trial, dig ,they received the ( clenbuterol ) feed sources ,from Jiangxi province Nanchang County Xiaolan Economic Industrial Development Zone following a company ,this company .
&nbsp ;ad hoc group overnight to Jiangxi Nanchang Xiaolan Economic Development Zone ,the company launched an investigation .&nbsp ;Hunan province Longhui County Public Security Bureau police battalion captain Zhou Jinqi it during production ,at nine points after the production ,production of nine night ,after the production ,production of goods the very next day night .
&nbsp ;relationresultAfter furtherinvestigation ,the police confirmed that the feed processing plant responsible person named Cao Zongsheng ,and mastered the production rule ,2010July,Hunan police action, end dropped the production containing clenbuterol feed factory secret .
relationresult relationresultHunanprovince Shaoyang City Public Security Bureau police detachment commander Liu Hao , relationresultDestroyed theJiangxi to Cao Zongsheng black mill ,captured Cao Zongsheng inside the factory production director, sales etc.
.relationresult relationresultThereafterad group and many rushed to Jiangxi ,Jiangsu and other places ,the clenbuterol in feed processing factory director Cao Zongsheng is captured .relationresult relationresultCao Zongsheng et al.
,they produce add ractopamine feed ,sold not only to Hunan ,but also sold to Jiangsu ,Zhejiang ,Hubei ,Shaanxi ,Guangdong ,Hainan and so on more than 10 provinces and cities nationwide .Because the major ,in 2011 January,the Ministry of public security will this case as the handling of the case .
relationresult relationresultHowever,investigators in the factories and Cao Zongsheng further found during investigation ,the feed factory just clenbuterol ractopamine added to feed them ,the use of ractopamine and not their factory production ,but purchased from the outside .
relationresult relationresultThe suspect Cao Zongshengreporters :where to buy the ractopamine ?From a place called Shen Yedong .relationresult relationresultProjectgroup immediately launched an investigation against Shen Yedong ,but after investigation ,investigators found that Shen Yedong was not the suspect ,but one of his cover identity .
In addition to Cao Zongsheng account ,the name Shen leaves of winter are very cunning, even delivery locations are often changes ,from the Hunan Changde ,Jiangsu Changzhou ,Hubei ,Shaanxi and other places of Wuhan Xi had delivered goods .
relationresult relationresultSince Cao Zongsheng wasarrested ,this self-proclaimed Shen leaves of winter people cut off the original contact with Cao Zongsheng all channels, from the police of sight .
relationresult relationresultProjectgroup according to Cao Zongsheng et al .,among them online transactions ,banking information cues were careful investigation ,but did not find the name ractopamine providers .
relationresult relationresultHunanprovince Longhui County Public Security Bureau police battalion captain Zhou Jinqi , relationresultHe hasan account is Xi ,Wang opened the account ,he opened in Xi ,remittance when they are remitted to the two account ,but through our investigation of these two accounts ,the two men are false .
relationresult relationresultAlthough thesurvey did not find this name Shen leaves of winter suspects trail, but the team did not give up ,they are against the cunning criminal suspects were more thorough and careful investigation ,finally found a valuable clue .
relationresult relationresultHunanprovince Shaoyang City Public Security Bureau police detachment commander Liu Hao , relationresultWe believe that heis, since he did this illegal business ,Cao Zongsheng was arrested after, he and Cao Zongsheng of this relationship is broken ,but he and others relationship should not break, in this case ,we analyzed data of his past .
Realized that he was the most heavily traded 3 individuals,is his downline .relationresult relationresult &nbsp ;&nbsp ;through to three affiliates distributors of the secret investigation ,the police finally locked this name Shen leaves of winter suspects trail, in 2011 March,he showed up in Hubei wuhan .
In March 4th, police in Hubei cooperation, investigators arrested the suspect Shen leaves of winter .relationresult relationresultHunanprovince Longhui County Public Security Bureau police battalion captain Zhou Jinqi , relationresultThecaptured later ,through the trial, the people who sell ractopamine .
His name is Shen leaves of winter ,his real name is Luo who .relationresult relationresultCapturedLuo who later, project group immediately tried him .Luo who confession ,Cao Zongsheng is one of his off the assembly line .
relationresult relationresultHunanprovince Shaoyang City Public Security Bureau police detachment commander Liu Hao , relationresultHe wasin the 16provinces and cities havehis line ,so he sold ractopamine quantity and time is very long .
relationresult relationresultHowever,in a further interrogation and investigation ,project group in this case to investigate and deal with and without end ,in Luo who also hidden behind more than .
relationresult relationresultAccording toLuo who account ,he distribution of ractopamine and not his own production line ,but his offer .After interrogation and investigation ,project group identified Luo fan sales of ractopamine has two main sources: a line whose name is Chen Qiuliang, another line is Tianjin Zhang sister .
relationresult relationresultHunan Province Public Security Bureaudeputy director Yang Hongguang , relationresultTo allcriminals should appear ,all the loot ,loot to seizure and extraction ,all of the tools of production ,including workshop workshop ,including his production line to be completely destroyed .
relationresult relationresultAccording to thetrial and investigation status of progress ,the task force will be the focus of investigation first focused on the Chen Qiuliang line .In order to trace the whereabouts of Chen Qiuliang ,project group police went from a plurality in Zhejiang City ,Fenghua found Chen Qiuliang .
relationresult relationresultPolice in Zhejiangwith Chen Qiuliang ,in March 22nd this year will be captured ,and in the evening he had seized in Zhejiang a Fenghua processing dens ,and at this time due to feel the wind is tight, Chen Qiuliang has been part of the production equipment and product transfer to Jiangxi Jiujiang .
relationresult relationresultLate on March 23rd,the team rushed to Jiangxi Jiujiang ,will Chen Qiuliang has just moved there in the production line of on the spot attachment ,seizure semi-finished products 420 kilograms,510kilogramsof raw materials ,production machinery 27attachment.
relationresult relationresultHunanprovince Shaoyang City Public Security Bureau police detachment commander Liu Hao , relationresultChen Qiuliang isractopamine ,is actually the manufacturer .
relationresultReporter:Manufacturing ?relationresultThe manufacturer,Louboutin Pas cher,but also can be said to be the manufacturer ,ractopamine is his organization of production .relationresult relationresultThereafter,the solving of the case and continuously made new progress .
In April 1st, police in Jiangsu Changzhou a secluded warehouse ,seized a large number of ractopamine refined .In April 9th, another in Changzhou warehouse ,seized 560kilogramsof ractopamine refined .
In the night of 9 April ,Wuxi seized a large number of trademarks ,packaging materials .In the Ministry of public security of unified command, the public security organs across the country to weigh a fist to hit out ,a batch of illegal clenbuterol production ,sales of the criminal suspects have been arrested .
relationresult relationresultThe Ministry of PublicSecurity Administration Bureau deputy director Xu Hu , relationresultCases of food safety,the Ministry of public security ministry leadership attaches great importance to the leadership ,indicating our near future will convene a national conference, according to the deploy of the State Council to do some deployment ,all related to the food safety crime public security organs should perform their duties according to law ,severe blow to ensure that the broad masses of the people life and property safety .
relationresult relationresultHost.relationresultHunan police putractopamine clenbuterol throughout the production chain each link is broken, ultimately tackle the clenbuterol and marketing chain .
On further investigation, law enforcement authorities found the clenbuterol and marketing chain has two characteristics ,one is the whole chain of production and marketing are in strict secrecy, another is the production and sale of illegal gains huge clenbuterol .
relationresult relationresultIn the survey wefound that ,in the case of the core of a character is mainly responsible for sales of clenbuterol and ractopamine luo .It is through his hand ,lots of clenbuterol was into some unscrupulous feed production factory ,and ultimately into a pig breeding process .
relationresult relationresultAnd in order to betterhide illegal sales of ractopamine clenbuterol fact ,Luo who is tax one .Project group of investigators in captured Luo who ,at his home discovered the identity of more than 20 ,either with line contact ,or contact with referrals ,Luo who are using the false identity transformation identity ,so that many cooperate with him for many years business partner ,did not know his real identity .
relationresult relationresultIn addition to the20card,the project group of investigators in Luo who lived seized 27 bank cards,bank U shield 11,mobile phone card 30 ,and the use of mobile phone 8.
relationresult relationresult relationresult relationresult relationresultLuo Fanas far as possible in order to conceal ,in addition to the use of false identity and a plurality of mobile phone cover myself ,even the sales are also using the Internet to complete, in online on a business ,then through the logistics company or the express delivery company will clenbuterol illegal delivered to each other, that is to say the clenbuterol illegal transaction process Luo ,who generally do not need to meet them in person ,he believed that this way can maximize the protection of your own safety .
Timely so Luo who also often transform the place of delivery and courier company ,want the illegal sale of clenbuterol acts do not expose .relationresult relationresultThe suspect Luo FanrelationresultReporter:you have fixed the express company ?relationresultNo,Louboutin Outlet,all express company I used it again .
relationresult relationresultInthis case more suspects trial, police found ,these people are the national laws and regulations and relevant ban at disregarding ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,the main reason is that the high interests .
relationresult relationresultResponsible for the productionof ractopamine clenbuterol Chen Qiuliang told reporters ,the production of ractopamine is relatively simple ,but very profitable .
relationresult relationresultIsuspect Chen Qiuliang cost on raw material cost and production cost .The cost of raw materials 900 ,100 of the cost of production.Reporter: do you sell is how much money a kilogram ?1200 a kilogram( yuan ) .
Reporter :every kilograms of you can have about 200 dollarsprofit ?On ,20% of the profits,reporter :you voted number capital .5000000 .Reporter :the cost of 5000000 is nowcalled .Yes. , relationresult relationresultIn this way,Chen Qiuliang with every kilograms of 1200 yuanprice of ractopamine clenbuterol was sold to Hubei, where ,as well as Sichuan ,Shenzhen as well as other distributors .
While others Luo who will be better prices to clenbuterol to Cao Zongsheng and other feed processors ,to reap huge profits .relationresult relationresult relationresultThe suspect Cao ZongshengrelationresultJournalist:he sold you is how much money a kilogram ?More than 2000 kg.
Reporter :is generally 2000 a few?Probably around 2200 .relationresult relationresultCao Zongshengand other feed operations from the Luo fan et al to buy the clenbuterol in proportion to illegally added to feed,Louboutin, and these add clenbuterol in feed for pig farm .
relationresult relationresultThe suspect Cao ZongshengrelationresultReporter:you were there from he bought a number of ractopamine ?relationresultAbout eight hundred or nine hundredkilograms .
relationresultReporter:you are eight hundred or nine hundred kilograms in a long time to buy ?relationresultIn threeyears .relationresultReporter:what if you add words ,according to how a proportion ?relationresultIn thefull price materials ,a ton of material plus 20grams.
relationresult relationresultInthis case ,the police confirmed that only the Chen Qiuliang of a processing plant ,a month can produce ractopamine clenbuterol tons ,in accordance with a ton of feed add 20 gramsof ractopamine proportions, these ractopamine clenbuterol enough to produce 50000 tons of feed .
relationresult relationresult relationresultAt present,the Ministry of public security coordination command, this case was further intensified investigation .relationresult relationresultIn view ofclenbuterol and other illegal additive abuse issues ,the State Council Office of Food Safety Commission responsible person told the reporter ,control ,manage illegal additives and food additives in food production ,management link use, is to curb illegal add and the abuse of food additives behavior key .
relationresult relationresultFood safety committeedirector of General Office of the State Council Zhang Yong , relationresultAllbelong to the crime of illegally added to criminal investigation and economic sanctions for these underground black dens and their main distribution and concentration of a large number of use illegal additives personnel should resolutely severely and quickly blow must let them pay a high price , relationresult relationresult &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;Food Safety Commission Office responsible person stressed ,as for the next step of the management ,to division of labor to the departments of supervision ,to fulfil basic level ,through different strengthening measures to ensure food safety .
relationresult relationresultFood safety committeedirector of General Office of the State Council Zhang Yong , relationresultOneis to strengthen the monitoring ,one is to strengthen the daily supervision ,one is to strengthen the construction of sincere letter system, one is to strengthen our responsibility system ,at the same time we the judicial branch also is in intensify the work ,then the food safety crime in accordance with the provisions of the criminal law amendment eight ,for they are severely punished ,then ,is to create a good environment for food safety .
relationresult relationresultHost.relationresult &nbsp ;&nbsp ;in April 21st, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee ,vice premier of the State Council ,the State Council food safety committee chairman Li Keqiang said ,food added illegally caused great harm ,social influence is wide ,easy to cause chain reaction ,must take seriously highly .
To the food safety law as the criterion ,control by severe punishment ,to effectively change the illegal cost is low problem ,let the criminals pay a high price .At present, the NPC Standing Committee food safety law enforcement inspection group work is also underway .
All levels of government and regulatory authorities for illegal manufacturing and selling and add clenbuterol and other food safety problem to take a combination of boxing ,strength are hitherto unknown .
For the current concerned food safety issues ,local governments and all sectors of each link in order to implement the regulation is the fundamental solution to the problem and key ;only to implement ,can effectively block the food safety regulatory loopholes, effectively solve the food safety problems .

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Congratulations mom and Chen

The great Qin Empire - wonderful excerpt

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On one's part
| returned log list [transfer] are you still "Baidu" of professional information?You OUT,Louboutin Pas Cher![picture] copy log address:
Please use the following Ctrl+C replication affixed to a friend.
Reprinted reprinted from the October 14, 2010 17:32 share and mother reading (1) review (0): language classification's �.
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(1) in the home online you can download many free electronic document, even it can be read online.There are a lot of planning counterparts on registered information dissemination, such as apple, estate planning, real estate experts,Louboutin, smoking mice that several users are all I have learned in the planning industry.
The content of the document are relatively new, relatively high quality, search more convenient, price is in a few dollars.(2) the chattering network no friends don't know taobao.
com, but most people should also not familiar with Taobao buy information.If you want to find a cheap professional data packet, then Taobao shop is an absolutely good place.For example, I often visit green apple data store planning, which includes management consulting, brand planning, estate planning, the very information, must have the information you need.
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But the information is updated very slow.(10) housing policy housing network policy network is specialized on estate planning data.Special classification of estate planning, allegedly to 2010 March a total of 95G information website, updated monthly.

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